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Pretty weak posting here on the blog this week.  It couldn’t be helped though, as I’ve had a good bit to do.

Quick trip to Colorado

Monday was spent driving to Cortez, CO.  That was the first half of the day.  The second half was spent setting up Park Manager Lite for La Mesa RV Park.  We had a lot of ground to cover for the park owner, and all of Tuesday was spent tutoring the owner on the system, and on their new computer.

I have to say, I really enjoy setting up new machines.  Whether it’s for myself, a friend, or a client.  I enjoy getting new systems up and running, it’s fun!

Driving through the Reservation

Wednesday was spent getting back to Prescott.  For some reason I can never really get a good night’s sleep when staying at a hotel.  2 nights of hotel stays left me tired, but still unable to sleep.  So, Wednesday morning I set out before 6 a.m. to cross back into Arizona and through the reservation.

As I made my way toward Monument Valley I watched in the side view mirror as the sunrise tried to keep pace with me.  What an amazing morning.  By the time I reached the turn for Monument Valley the sun had made its way over the horizon, and in was an amazing one.

And if you’re asking, where are the photos……well, there are none.  I just kept rolling, enjoyed the sunrise, and was okay with not breaking out the camera.  Sometimes you just enjoy the scene for yourself.

Waiting on prints

Returning to Prescott I was pretty run down.  So I napped for a good part of Wednesday afternoon.  When you’re tired you should rest.  No sense in fighting it you know.

Wednesday evening when I got up I found a request from a client for a set of prints.  So I spent the evening and Thursday morning on final edits, and then uploaded to MPix.  I was hoping that part of the order might be shipped overnight so I could deliver them today, but that’s not the case.  I shouldn’t have put the canvas gallery wrap on the same order as the prints……My bad!

Out of Prescott for a bit

This morning I was supposed to be hooking up to head into CA, but since I was hoping to get the MPix order in today I’ve pushed things out by one day.  The Airstream will get hooked up and pointed the right way tomorrow.

I’m not sure exactly when the Airstream will return to Prescott, and I’m hoping to be out on the road for a bit as I work on drumming up more clients.  We’ll see how that goes.  With the possibility of a commercial project in Phoenix I’m trying to figure out where a nice park on the outskirts of the city might be.  If anyone has suggestions I’m open to them.  The project is in Scottsdale, and I’m looking to avoid taking the Airstream through the city…….

All caught up

So, there you go.  The blog is now back up to speed with the events of the week.  A little climbing today with Bob, some packing, and then I’ll be headed out of here!

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