The Digital Photography Workflow Workshop in Prescott, Arizona

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One of the many scenes available while visiting the Granite Dells and Watson Lake

Finally, I’ve gotten the time to update the website with a new Workshop. And this one is going to be great!

Given the success of the Vulture Mine / HDR Workflow Workshop, and requests for similar workshops, I’ve decided to offer a new 2 day course for folks, right here in Prescott, AZ!

Similar to the Vulture workshop, we’ll be doing a day of shooting, and then a day of learning how to streamline your digital workflow in order to get to the images you want.  The Vulture Workshop “headlined” it as an HDR workshop.  It’s become so much more than that, which is why I’m referring to this workshop as a Digital Photography Workflow class instead.  I’ll be renaming the Vulture workshop soon too.

What we’ve found (myself and participants) is that the overall workshop goes well beyond just thinking about HDR.  Sure, we’ll be setting up for HDR, but we do so much more.  From the creation of a Lightroom Catalog to image selection, and finally to editing (HDR, Photoshop, Topaz, On One), this class series is all about your Digital Workflow as a Digital Photographer.

Like the Vulture class, the first day will be spent shooting and working on camera setups, and the second day will be software and workflow focused.

Where will we be shooting?  Saturday morning we’ll be spending time collecting images of historic downtown Prescott.  Whiskey Row, Sharlott Hall Museum, the plaza, many alley ways of Prescott, Gurley, and Cortez Streets.  We’ll wrap up the morning shooting before the heat of the day sets in, and participants are welcome to tour the town on their own for a few hours.

Late afternoon we’ll meet up at Watson Lake Park, located a few miles North of downtown Prescott.  There we’ll walk the nature path out to the Peavine Trail, and we’ll get ourselves setup for what are normally some pretty dramatic sunsets over the Granite Dells and Watson Lake.

If this sounds interesting to you, I’d suggest signing up sooner rather than later.  Each workshop has a maximum of 5 students for the two days.  I’ve set aside several weekends for this one, but they’re likely to fill up pretty quickly like the last two Vulture workshops (the first class wasn’t too full as it was pretty new).    Click here to read more about the workshop and sign up for it.  Or, if you already know you want to participate you can sign up right below……  The dates are listed as well, and you have opportunities to participate in May – August.

Course Dates

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