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The Firehouse Plaza is open today….despite appearances

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Looks like the Goodwin Street access to the plaza is closed off once again. We're stil open, I promise!

I thought I’d better let everyone know…..we are in fact open today.

Why should I tell you we are in fact open?  Well, APS has been moving power lines again.  Months ago they blocked off our sidewalk and closed off our parking for a few days.  Incredibly enough, it impacted our business.  Sidewalk closed signs with the gallery right in the middle of the closure.  Dead days at my store to be sure.

Weeks ago we were notified that many of the cables would be moved under ground, and a big metal pole would be getting removed.  The APS guy that stopped in to tell us about it assured me that the sidewalk would not be fully closed this time around as they’d be working in a narrow area.

Well…..he was incorrect.  This morning I came in to find all parking is blocked off again, and there are barricades right before The Firehouse Kitchen.  So, on the Goodwin Street access we’re looking pretty inaccessible.  Wonder how busy I’ll be today…….?

For locals, here is what you can do.  Parking is available on the Granite Street side of the Plaza, and in the Granite Street garage.  You can come into the Plaza from Granite Street, or from the parking garage.

My request.  Come out and support us today.  These are the days when random walk in traffic is completely killed, and frankly, I don’t think any of us can afford that right now.

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