The Firehouse Plaza Luau Fundraiser Event……It’s today folks

Richard Charpentier Arizona, Prescott Leave a Comment

Figuring I’d get a jump on the day I arrived at the Firehouse Plaza at 8:00 a.m.  And go figure, I didn’t get a jump on the day.  A section of Goodwin Street is already blocked off, sand is on the road for the Beach Sand Volleyball court, the roaster is on location and already hot……  Sheesh…..  I should have gotten up earlier!

The stage is literally set for this afternoon!

Decorating the plaza exterior

Matt, one of the Firehouse Kitchen's owners.

Decorations under way.....

So, if you’re around Prescott today, stop on by and check out what’s going on.  The big events will start this afternoon.  And this evening be sure to stop by and watch Pyroklectic spin some fire.  They’re always fun to watch!  🙂

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