The Glamour III Follow Up

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This is a really quick follow up on my Glamour III testing.

It’s true, I over used the Glamour III this weekend.  I had a suspicion.  Additionally, I need a denser roller for the glamour III.  The rollers I use soak up a lot of the veneer.  That gets wasted in the roller.

Glamour III isn’t available yet.  They’re still working with it, pricing it, etc.  Glamour II will still be available.  And that’s good.  I will be going with the plan I delineated in the last post.  Glamour III for quick turn around same day gallery wraps.  II for my 24 hour or greater clients.  It’s a good plan.

By the way, gotta say……I love the premixed semi-gloss.  I’d love to see a premixed Glamour II.  It sure would make life a little easier (that’s a hint to the folks at Breathing Color).  🙂

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