The HDR Workflow Tutorial – Lightroom, Photomatix, & HDR Efex Pro

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Really, it’s finally coming out? Yes, it is!

First off, let me apologize for the squished video feed from YouTube.  That’s my bad.  I decided to upload the DVD intro for you to see, and somehow it got squished to 640×480.  Should have been “letter box” in the video format, but hey these things do happen.

Fortunately, the training DVD has everything in just the right proportions.  And yes, it’s very late to market, but there’s a good set of reasons……

  • Once the content was uploaded to my publishing house we had issues with a few corrupted files.  Trying to figure that one out was a pain.
  • As I was about to launch the DVD for sale Nik hit the market with HDR Efex Pro……  I knew it would be nice to include.
  • Not to be left behind, Photomatix was upgraded and some major changes to the interface occurred.  Also, the latest in anti-ghosting technology was added by HDR Soft.

So, back to the drawing board with this tutorial DVD!  And finally, before my next class on HDR Workflow (taking place December 5th in Prescott at the Art Store) I’ve got the “Beta” version of the DVD ready.  Students attending this weekend’s class will be receiving this DVD along with the standard instruction time.  Yes, I did think of handing them the DVDs and sitting back sipping hot cocoa while they watched it, but somehow I think they’ll actually want me to engage with them.  Engage I will!

Several reviewers are now going through the tutorial as well, and provided I get positive feedback I’ll be pre-launching the DVD by the end of next week.  What does “pre-launching” mean?  Well, direct sales through this website and not the publisher.  I’ll still have to upload it to them so they can put a fancy sticker on the DVD and place it in a fancy box.  All that fanciness comes with additional costs of course.  Since I know that there have been many patient readers waiting I’ve decided to skip fancy and just get to the goods.

Provided all is thumbs up from this weekend’s participants and those folks currently reviewing the tutorial, next week I’ll set up a PayPal sales button and sell directly here.  The DVDs won’t be pretty and have a cutsie image on them.  No fancy box either.  Just the DVD in a sleeve, a special bonus thank you for early customers, and a USPS mailer.  I promise, it’ll be a really good deal though.  There are literally hours of content on this DVD, and by the time you’re through I think you’ll have a great handle on using Lightroom to manage your HDR workflow with Photomatix or HDR Efex Pro!

For those of you interested in the early purchase option next week drop me an e-mail or leave a comment here.  I’d like to get a handle on how many DVDs I should start with.  🙂

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