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A good deal is going on right before the New Year.  The gallery is still busy, and changing.  Internet headaches, yeah, got those too.  Here’s the latest:

I have no idea what’s happening with Twitter

Yesterday I blogged about the password reset from Twitter.  I got a half dozen e-mails the night before telling me to reset my password.  Point 1 – The e-mails were legit.  Directly from Twitter.  Point 2- Each time I reset my password at Twitter I’d get in for a few minutes, and then get booted.  Immediately after I’d get an e-mail telling me about the phishing attack and I needed to reset my password again.  I gave up the other day.

Yesterday I did successfully update my password, and got on Twitter for a little while.  But a little after 4 p.m. Mountain Time I started getting more of the same e-mails from Twitter about my account.  In total, 13 e-mails to reset my password in under an hour.  I haven’t done it.  I don’t know if I should.  Just don’t have the time to fight whatever is going on there.  Ugh!

Open but closed

Ian and I will be at the gallery today.  We’ll be in all day, but customers won’t be coming in.  Things are getting torn apart and rebuilt today.

Since we opened we’ve both felt like we don’t have enough space.  And with the growth of the production work in our shop, we’ve found ourselves needing more production space.  With that in mind, today we’ll be expanding the print room.  Should be interesting.

Last night we stripped several of the walls where we hang art.  Today two of those walls are coming down, and they’ll be re-deployed elsewhere.  I’ll be sure to take photos so you can see the changes.

Web updates are continuing

Most of my personal time at the gallery lately has been dedicated to web work.  The Ian Russell Gallery website is still evolving, and yesterday I added more content, updated image galleries, and some more SEO targeting information.  It’s all coming along.

Haven’t been by the updated site lately?  Stop by and check it out now.

WordPress Headaches continue!

While writing this post I hit the “Save Draft” button.  Instead of saving the draft I get redirected to a screen.  The save fails, and when I return to editing I find some of the typing I just did missing.  So, gotta retype.

This issue has been going on since the 2.9 update.  Each of the Betas I’ve installed hasn’t fixed it yet.  If there are any other WordPress users out there experiencing this issue, I’d really like to hear from you.  Oh, and my attempt to update the issue on the Beta forum this morning failed, it wouldn’t let me post the issue……  Hmmmmmmm…….

Somebody got a 7D for Christmas

And it wasn’t me!

Rob Jamason has upgraded to the new Canon 7D recently.  For just about a week he’s been shooting with his new camera, and adjusting to the big changes between his old Canon Digital Rebel and the 7D.  More megapixels, higher ISO shooting, a slick video mode, and more.  Oh, and more focus points, something I would have loved on the 5D Mark II.

How’s Rob’s swap over going.  Mostly good.  He’s bumped into one system busy issue where shooting with the built in wireless mode sometimes jams him up.  Apparently it’s a heat issue (according to the forums he’s read).  What I’m hoping to do at the start of the new year is get an article from Rob for Photographing Arizona and this site.  I think getting the scoop first hand from a new user might be enlightening for readers.

Searching for new clients in the New Year

Well, this past year has seen my business start from the ground up.  Amazingly enough, each month costs were covered for the business.  Unfortunately, they weren’t covered for me.  Glad I was smart enough to save years ago!

The time has come to grow the business or get out.  And that means expanding the printing client base, expanding gallery sales, and any other kind of expansion you can think of.  Bottom line……if I can double my current client base I can pay myself.  If that doesn’t happen, then I’ve got to start job hunting.  I’ve given myself until February, then I have to seek out other revenue streams.  Current clients won’t like that.  My availability will be reduced to evenings here only.  Hey, that’s the reality of business, right?

So, to all my regular readers, I have the following request.  Pass along to your friends, families, fellow photographers, painters, etc, that my business exists.  I can promise they’ll be more than happy with the results of the print work that comes out of here.  It’s on par with, if not rivaling, all of the big name online printers out there.  As far as canvas goes, I think we’ve got one of the best canvas reproduction shops in the nation.  I think the color quality and canvas quality is right up there, and in part that’s due to my selection of Breathing Color’s product line.

With all that said, you can feel confident in pointing folks this way for their reproduction work.  Happy customers is what pays the bills.  And my current client base keeps returning for more.  That says something.  Several clients have told me, best reproduction work they’ve ever received.  I’m proud to hear that.

Next time you want a large format reproduction, and you start the process over at MPix or another online shop, slow your mouse down and consider printing here (since my pricing is in line with theirs).  The small business you help save might just be mine!

One more print reproduction note

After more than a year at this I’ve learned one thing.  I’m cheap!  Really cheap compared to other brick and mortar giclee’ shops in Northern Arizona.  So, prices are bumping up a little.

Canvas reproduction was $.10 per square inch.  It’s getting bumped up on New Year’s Day to $.12 per square inch.  That’s still $.03 per square inch cheaper than my nearest competitor, and still keeps my prices in line with the online guys.  I’ve checked, and potential clients have noted that my canvas costs were mostly under the costs of MPix.  Pretty good.  Recently one potential client let me know that a 16×24″ print from here was actually $10 less than MPix.  They didn’t account for shipping from them as well.  Now with the change in prices I’ll be the same price as them.

Glossy photo papers, water color papers, etc, are going from $.06 per square inch to $.08 per square inch.  Pretty simple change as well, and once again, still leaves me more than competitive with online and local shops.

If you’re wondering why all the price bumps…..simple answer.  I’ve been experiencing price bumps too.  In the 3 years since I’ve arrived in Prescott food costs have risen in excess of 30% (yes, I track my food expenditures).  Private health insurance isn’t cheap.  Electric has gone up.  Etc, etc, etc.  So, I’m raising my prices less than 20% in order to keep up with all the additional costs passed along to me.  Pretty simple explanation.  🙂

Whew…..long post!

Well, there’s the latest from the Airstream Chronicles, R.L. Charpentier Photography, and The Ian Russell Gallery.  If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by after the start of the New Year to check out our new layout!

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  1. Web work is definitely a peculiar avenue for spending time. Luckily I’ve not had any issues other than the CommentLuv oddness on the blog, so not sure what else could be going on. Have you thought about restoring from a backup of the content and db’s?

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