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It’s been a while since I’ve updated the latest happenings here at the Airstream Chronicles.  So, here’s what’s going on.

  • 8 days away from the next trip up to the Coyote Buttes and Yellow Rock.  Oh, and this time I will find Yellow Rock
  • Topaz has put out a new little toy called Fusion.  Big thanks to Jeff Revell over at PhotoWalk Pro for pointing this one out.  It’s a new plugin for Lightroom and Aperture.  What does it do?  Well, it allows you to access your Topaz filters from Lightroom or Aperture.  I played with it a little yesterday, and I might pop a short podcast up about it soon.  Just to give you a look from my perspective.  Jeff has a video on it as well, so check it out if you like!
  • Friday, the 25th of September is the latest 4th Friday Artwalk here in Prescott.  The Ian Russell Gallery will be doing a “soft” one year anniversary celebration.  What does that mean?  Well, we officially moved and opened on the 18th of October.  So that’s really the one year anniversary.  Also, I won’t be there for the Artwalk.  I’ll be camping somewhere near Coyote Buttes South.  You know, gathering new images for the gallery and such.
  • Beware of funky pickles!  You heard me.  I haven’t given the whole story from my recent trip.  I became extremely sick early on, ruining a good bit of my time scouting.  What happened?  Boca Burger, Lays Chips, and some Vlasic Pickles.  A new jar that I had purchased days before.  Had my lunch, a few pickles…..then I pulled out a really nasty funky pickle.  Yellow, brown, and black dots all over it.  Didn’t eat it, I’m smarter than that.  Then I found a few more pickles in the jar with the same general look.  I tossed the jar.  But I’d already eaten a few pickles before finding the funky pickles.  Two hours later I was sick.  I mean really sick.  Severe stomach pain, fever, sweats, the works.  That lasted a few days.  Saw the doctor yesterday and I’ve got a prescription for Cipro.  If I start feeling funky again I’ll take the Cipro.
  • Web work galore!  I’ve got a few new web clients.  Almost at my cutoff point for how many web clients I’ll deal with.  But I keep getting referrals and frankly I do like getting paid.  So this weekend will find me working away on several sites.
  • In the gallery all weekend.  Ian’s heading out of town, Kassi is out of town, so looks like I’ll be manning the gallery solo this weekend.  Ah well, it happens.  🙂  Stop on by if you’re in the area!
  • New Podcast and Feed subscription buttons are up on the main blog page.  Want to subscribe to the podcast?  There’s a button for that.  Want to subscribe to the feed through Feedburner?  There’s a button for that too.  Enjoy!

There’s the wrap up for the morning.  Later today I might post a quick video on Topaz Fusion, so check back by.  I’ve already gotten a few insights on the plugin that I’d like to share.

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  1. If you still have the pickle jar, write to Vlasic and report the stock#, date of production, and your food poisoning experience, which could initiate a product recall. For documentation and protection of the public, please report this to the Food and Drug Administrations and your County health department.

    Be well, Larry

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