The Macbook is back! Well, sort of……

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So, today I finished off a project that started many days ago! Breathing life back into my Macbook Pro.

A new drive?


A boot up off the CD?


Reinstalling the system?

Oh, yup!

Full restoration from the backup?

Nope. Failed twice now. 29% of the way restored and some type of failure.

So, I’m now going through and updating everything. We’ll try for a full system restore sometime this week. In the meantime I’m loading up the necessary programs on the clean install of OSX. We’ll take it from there. See, I need the Macbook Pro for a shoot tomorrow morning. All I care about right now is Lightroom 3 being on it for tethered shooting. Beyond that, anything else that gets restored is gravy.

Oh, and the new drive? 320 GB 7200 RPM. Quite the leap from my old 80GB 5400 RPM!

You wouldn’t believe how happy I am that the Macbook has rebooted once again!

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  1. Summer is here and things are heating up, including hard drives. Mine failed last week on the iMac. I got a new 1TB drive and it was my first time cracking open the case on an iMac. Very interesting, but not too bad, really. Unfortunately, the Time Machine restore function wouldn’t do anything, so I found this fix and it worked: but disappointed to have a Mac acting like Windows and having do perform a work-around. Hats off to Time Machine though, that’s very cool (when it works).

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