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Over the course of this month we’ll be shooting a lot of frames.  And some of them are coming out….well, super nice.  So for the folks who have been asking, “Where can I get a print…..?”

You can get prints on my new Zenfolio Gallery for Manchaug Pond.  Once you click an image it will bring you to the Zenfolio Gallery, and to the specific picture you clicked on.  If you’d like to purchase a print it’s pretty simple.  Point at the image with your mouse and in the upper left corner you’ll see a menu button.  Point at the menu button and a drop down will show up with “Buy” as the first category.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 9.39.30 AM

Be sure to pay attention to the buying options.  The first section suggests best fit sizes.  We’ve got 8×10 images and 8×12 images here.  So pay attention to the Best Fit category to make sure you get the right print!

The gallery will be updated throughout the month, so be sure to stop by again and see what’s new.  Finally, 50% of the proceeds from the image sales will be donated to the Manchaug Pond Foundation.

**** Note:  Aerial images are in a 4×5 format (8×10, 16×20).  Land based photos are in a 2×3 format (8×12, 16×24).  The gallery site will suggest best fit, but I thought I’d include that little piece of information.

[ZFP_PhotoSet id='p1068993307']



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