The May Contest Winner – Trash the Dress

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I know several folks have been waiting patiently to hear who won the May contest here.  I’m sure some folks are asking, “What contest” because I announced it so long ago.

At the start of May I announced the first photo contest here at the Airstream Chronicles.  Pretty simple.  Submit your photo and I’ll pick what I like.  What do you get out of it?  A 16×24 gallery wrap of your image.  🙂  Not a bad prize.  I charge nearly $100 to create one of those to resale customers who print with me.  So, decent prize.

No, I’m not giving away Canon products yet.  The contests will have to get much bigger.  🙂

Thanks to everyone who submitted.  More than 20 entries and I had to sift through them a few times over.  Hard time picking too.  I got it down to 4 favorites……..

And the winner is………

Brooke’s image from her trash the dress series.

Brooke is a Prescott based photographer who does weddings regularly.  She’s also a person who does a unique series for folks after the wedding.  A “trash the dress” series.  I first met her at last year’s Worldwide Photowalk here in Prescott.  Some pretty cool photos from the photowalk as well.  So, Brooke comes up a winner in this one!

Brooke, you’ll need to send along a full sized image via e-mail.  You can get my direct e-mail by clicking here.

I also promised a 16×24 Allure Rag reproduction of the runner up.  Well, I’ve got several runners up.  David G, Tombo, and Ken C, you’ll all be getting 16×24 reproductions of your images as well.  You’ll need to e-mail the full sized images as well, and I’ll be sending you e-mails about this too.

Well, I’d like to post the rest of the shots, but I’ve got a doctor’s appointment so I’ll do that later!

Congrats Brooke, cool shot!

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  1. SWEET!

    I’ll be swinging by this week with a couple of images to have done… There goes the paycheck. 🙂

  2. Very cool, Rich. Thanks. I’m still on vacation in vermont/new hampshire/maine, but when I get back saturday, I’ll either stop in or send you the full electronic image for printing. Looks like you had a great time in Zion… definitely on the “places to go” list. thanks again.

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