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A few sporadic days of blogging….or lack of blogging.  What can I say, it’s been very busy around here.  And that’s a good thing!  🙂

Yesterday I took the day off.  Labor Day, right?  Well, I’ve been laboring.  So, what goes into a day off for me lately?

The morning was spent doing laundry.  Everybody else had the same idea apparently.  Laundry day.  The day to wait for a washer, wait for a dryer, compete for the folding table.  All good fun!

After laundry, a trip to the car wash.  The Versa was looking pretty grungy.  With a clean car I was ready to do what I really wanted to do for the day…….  Find Salt & Pepper Pop Chips.  Mmmmmmm……Pop Chips!

Several weeks ago I discovered Pop Chips, and found that they are the food equivalent of CRACK, especially the salt & pepper ones.  I can’t eat most of their other flavors because they have milk in them.  But the Salt & Pepper are fine by me. Unfortunately, Fry’s near my house and the one near the gallery had no Salt & Pepper.  None at Albertsons or Safeway either.  Finally I headed over to New Frontiers.  The other day they were out, but yesterday there were more in stock!  Hooray!

Suggestions to the folks over at Pop Chips…..  Can you make a BBQ chip that doesn’t have milk product in it?  You know, for those of us who can’t have milk products?  Thanks in advance!  🙂

Oh, and to the cashier at New Frontiers, I’m not weird or anything.  I just like the chips.  So, me buying mass quantities of them just means I want a stockpile for the next time you guys run out!  Please don’t run out!!!

With super tasty chips on hand I needed something to go with them.  A movie.  Chips and a movie, that sounded like a fun late afternoon Labor Day activity!  A quick trip to Hastings and I was ready to go.  The movie?  “The Losers.”  Okay, that was my mistake for the day!

Have you seen this movie?  If you haven’t, don’t.  If you have.  Do you feel like I do?  Did you force yourself to finish watching the movie because you paid for it?  Did you actually experience physical pain while watching it?  By far, this is the worst movie I’ve seen in years!

Glad to say, having my chips did ease the pain!

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  1. This happens very often to me. Sometimes have no time for eating nor for blogging. So, welcome back!
    And about your question. I did not know that BBQ chips had milk!

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