The National Monuments of the Southwest – 30 days remain

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15 days ago I created a Kickstarter project to document the 44 National Monuments of the Southwest.  So far we’ve gotten some support and a lot of feedback.  Thanks everyone.

I’m here tonight to put out a request.  Back the project, promote the project, and help us get this thing off the ground.  Seriously, we have an amazing book in store for anyone who wants to see those rare places in the Southwest, but we need to back it to make it a reality.

For years I’ve visited a few National Monuments in the Southwest.  They’re not your typical parks.  In fact some don’t come across as parks at all.  Areas to camp for free, areas that you can camp for only a few dollars a day.  And what you find in these places?  Just amazing.  I just don’t understand why so many people pass them by.  Maybe it’s just too much work when you’re supposed to be traveling for recreation.  I just don’t know.

We now have 30 days to raise the funds on this project.  Currently the project is backed about 5% of the way.  The goal is $40,000 and it’s achievable, it really is.  If each reader on this blog (I read my stats often) donated $5 we could back more than one of these projects.  This particular site has been active since 2008.  6 years of free camping advice, free Photoshop tutorials, free photo tips, and travel information about some amazing places.  So for all of the readers out there who sent e-mails telling me how glad they were to see this blog get new life last year… out guys, this is “that” moment.

What this project is going to do is a ton of work.  It will take 6 months to document 44 National Monuments in the Southwest appropriately.  This won’t be a quick “drive by” of a monument.  Each one will get time spent on it.  And we’ll blog about it here.  Then it will all get compiled in a new E-Publication and soft cover book, “The RV’ers Guide to the National Monuments of the Southwest.”

Do you think $40k is a lot to raise?  Yup, I do too.  Does it mean I get a vacation for a few months out of this?  No way.  A 5 minute video takes hours to produce.  A 140 page Photo Book won’t come together over night.  And a thorough guide to the Monuments won’t be created overnight.  The amount set as a goal for this project was done with intention.  10% will go to Kickstarter and Amazon for fees and processing.  Over $8K is reserved for signup rewards for backers.  In the end we’re raising around $28,000 for 6 months of work, travel, repairs, and everything else that goes toward traveling between all these destinations.  It will actually be a financial challenge to make the project work, but I’m confident that if anyone can complete it…..well, it will be us!

So now I don’t want to hear about being cash strapped.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t drop $5-$10 a day on coffee (Starbucks), junk food, smokes, or a 6 of beer.  The minimum donation is $1.  The big idea is to get the word out, and to back the project with what you can.  Every drop builds to fill this pool.  There is currently no guidebook to the National Monuments of the Southwest.  I’d like to see it created.

Think my blogging style is too quick?  Read my “Photographer’s Guide to White Pocket.”  It was written years ago when I attempted to start a “Photographing Arizona” site.  The reason the site didn’t get off the ground?  No time and no funding to find the time.  This one post has generated thousands of e-mails to me about getting there, camping, photographing, and just seeing one of the many wonders in the National Monuments.  When I blog it’s all stream of consciousness.  Seriously, I fly on these things when I have time.  And when I really write?  Yeah, great articles to be sure.

Okay now.  Help back this, and help get the word out.  Facebook it, Tweet it, Tumble it, whatever else you can do.  Every effort is appreciated!

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