The next few weeks are going to be screwy

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Over the next two weeks things at the shop are going to be “off.”  Yes, that’s a nice way of putting it.

With the new space coming along the next item of business is moving.  Ian and crew have gotten the Whiskey Row location almost ready.  Walls torn down, new walls put up, display areas roughed out, a new coat of paint, new floors, electrical almost done….. A lot of work in a few weeks.  Next up?  The migration from one location to another.

Yeah, that’s going to be fun.  I’m picturing Rosie the 400+ lb bronze pig.  She’s going to be a fun move.  The printers will be a joy as well.  And all those breakable items.  Uh…..weeeeeeee!

As of yesterday here’s how everything looked……

The side of the gallery where Bucky's was

Part of the gallery where the Bookworm used to be.

Studio space. The door at the back goes into the new print room.

Studio space looking out toward the gallery area

There’s a quick peek inside.  This week we should start moving some things over.  Seriously, it starts this week.  So, if you stop by the current location and there’s a note in the door, it just means stuff is starting to move.  Best bet for print clients?  Call ahead, I’ll let you know where I’m at!

What do you do to wind down from all of this?  How about a walk up Thumb Butte from a super secret trail that Chris Marzonie knows about…….

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  1. Good luck with the move. Keep your eye on the ball, and don’t loss sight of your objectives.


  2. Very exciting times for sure….as others have said though, as long as you stay focused things should pan out okay – here’s some good thoughts coming your way from CO! 🙂

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