The next three days are free

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Shot on a previous trip to Burro Creek

The Airstream is all packed up and ready to roll out.  We’ve wrapped up our work in Kingman and a few days of rest are in order.  Saturday the next project begins.  3 days free…..what to do, what to do?

Right now I’m thinking Burro Creek, or Vulture Peak.  Both have their merits.  Burro Creek is near “Nothing, AZ,” and Vulture Peak is close to the Vulture Mine, a favorite photo spot, and it’s in the desert surrounded by Saguaros!

Right now I’m just not sure.  So I guess I’ll wing it and see where I park today when I get there.  I think Burro Creek has no real cell coverage, which would leave me “offline” for a few days.  That could be relaxing!

Guess we’ll find out when I get where it is I’m going.  At least both are in the same direction!

In between Burro Creek and Vulture Peak is a really cool Joshua Tree forest.

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  1. Looking at one of the sat shots Nothing now has less and more. Looks like the buildings are gone and on the NW sir a very tall cell tower has been erected. Your photo from this year might be way different.

  2. Isn’t it interesting as you move from the California Desert to the Sonora Desert. The line of demarcation is quite obvious…going down Route 93, I presume.

  3. Rich will be interested in seeing your photos from Nothing this year. Google looks like all the buildings are gone, one sign remaining and a new solar powered cell tower is up.

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