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The numbers are staggering – A little on my web stats

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The Airstream Chronicles has been idle a while.  And life is being breathed back into the site as many readers already know.  I’ve gotten private messages over the last few weeks from long time readers happy to see things are going on again.

Thanks for following along everyone!

As I watched the statistics for the site erode over the last year, watching Google and Alexa ratings tank, and watching the blog’s own stat program tell me the site is basically dead, it was a real downer.  At one time this site saw tens of thousands of unique visitors per month.

Now with the blog coming back I’m already seeing the numbers rise once again.  And I’m also watching trending.  What are people using to access the site.  Today when I took a look before hitting the road I was pretty astounded.

16,000 views this month so far.  That’s not 16,000 visitors, that’s unique page views.  What really wowed me is what people are using to view the site.

Nearly 38% of my pages viewed were from IOS devices.  IPhone / IPads.  I’m not kidding, check the pie chart for yourself…..

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 5.40.57 PMTo be clear, the mega slice going to IPhone is actually all IOS devices, so IPads are also lumped in here.  There’s even a tiny sliver for Windows NT 4.  Somebody is still running that?  Rock on, I loved NT.

This goes a long way toward what I’m out to do now with my business.  Get RV Parks setup with mobile ready websites.  My own pie chart tells me the story.  People are using smart phones and tablets.  Travelers are using smart phones and tablets.  Websites not geared toward them are going to be bypassed quickly.  For destination parks this could translate into missing out on potential customers.

The other interesting point that stuck out in my mind?  Between IOS devices and Mac OSX, more than 50% of all operating systems are covered.  So, are my readers a self selecting population of Mac users?  I don’t know.  But I will continue to watch the trending month to month just to see.  Down the road all this data could prove very useful when presenting options to park owners.

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