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Yeah, yeah, yeah…..I know, the article on the Radio Popper Jr’s. I’ve been highly distracted with 6 dozen other things. Here’s what’s new from Prescott, Arizona:

  • The Vulture / HDR Workshop has a few slots remaining.  Oh, and I’ve dropped the price a tad as I know, the economy is painful.  🙂  If you’ve ever wanted to get more out of your DSLR, learn how to setup realistic HDRs, sharpen your workflow skills, or you just need an excuse for some shooting fun in AZ, you’ve still got time to sign up!
  • Rob Jamason’s latest opening takes place tonight at the Goldstein Gallery in Sedona.  Way to go Rob.  Think you can get some of my stuff on their walls?  LOL!  If you’re in Arizona, and not too far from Sedona, why not head out for First Friday Artwalk in Sedona and pop by to give Rob some support.  Who knows, you might find something you’d like to take home too……..Can you believe I’m putting a link to another gallery on my site?  Believe it, I’m not competitive in that way, and I like supporting the artists that we host!  Plus I dig Rob’s images!
  • Creating a new Workshop Plan.  Been at it for days, and it’s going to be a super cool one!  Currently I’m working up a 3 day workshop to one of my favorite places.  White Pocket.  The plan is to offer 2 White Pocket Workshops this year.  One this April, and a second in October.  Good temperatures you know.  The maximum number of participants will be 3 per workshop.  If you’ve always wanted to shoot White Pocket, drop me a note sooner rather than later and I’ll make sure to give you first dibs on a slot in the workshop.
  • Received a ringing endorsement from Bert Gildart this week regarding the upcoming workshops.  I’ll be including that on my newly revised website.
  • Ah yes, redesigning the whole website.  It’s almost ready to go live.  I’m hoping everyone will like it.
  • Finally, I’ve been prepping a presentation for a local Mac Users’ Group.  I’ll be presenting February 20th on Macintosh, portable technology (along the lines of my book, The Digital RV), and how Mac fits in with my photographic endeavors and business.  I wonder if I’m trying to cover too much?  😉

Well, there you go.  Now, I’ve got to get back to printing!

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