The Rainy Day Update from the Airstream

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rainyday-1Ah yes, Spring has not fully sprung here.  The pollen says it has, the snow / rain / sleet says otherwise.

A front moved in yesterday and brought cooler air into town.  Higher elevations have snow.  In town it’s rain and occasionally sleet.  It’s also just a little chilly here today!  Brrrr!

Since the weather isn’t on my side (for photography) I’ve spent the bulk of the day at the Airstream.  Paused a movie to take a call and then decided to blog before getting back into the movie.  Just not holding my attention.  Not a bad flick, but a little slow moving for me.  Bangkok Dangerous.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain about the weather.  With the rain in the pollen is down.  I’m feeling human again.  If only for a short while.  Once the pollen cranks up again I’m sure my gut will resume the uproar.  But today I have a reprieve!

So, what to do on a rainy day in an Airstream.  Movies, cleaning, reorganizing, and playing with the new 5D.  I’ve still got a good bit to learn about it.  #1, I need to get it to work properly with my 580EX.  On the 40D the flash is automatic with the camera, and when I popped it over to the 5D it went to manual.

rainyday-2I’ve got some additional reading to do.  The manuals that come with these things aren’t the greatest.  I usually rely on the Digital Field Guide series, but the book on the 5D isn’t out yet.  So I’m left to experiment.  Can’t be that hard, right?  🙂

Beyond the 5D reading I have other books on the list to go through.  Trail guides for AZ, a few books on the Page and Utah areas, and some miscellaneous fun reading.  There’s a little more for a rainy afternoon!

Well, with that I’m off to more R&R.

Today’s shots were produced with the 5D and my new 17-40mm lens.  Pretty much equivalent to the 10-22mm on the 40D.  I’m liking it!

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  1. Rich, Just checking in and the photos of the inside of the Airstream have left me in tears!
    Sorry we can’t have a morning visit,

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