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The Red River Metallic Paper has arrived!

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30 minutes later than I had hoped.

See, I’m off today. Almost the entire day has been spent on a video project for a client. You know, creating a cool DVD presentation out of hundreds of still images and some short video clips he shot with his Canon G11.

When my video work was finally done (8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. of sitting at the Mac) I popped down to the gallery to put the client’s DVDs on my desk, and to see if the Polar Pearl Metallic paper had arrived yet.

It hadn’t.

UPS…….always on time except when I want my new roll of paper.  I was going to run a test print or two.  The first test?  I’m thinking that composite image I did of Lorin from Sweet Nasty.  I think it’ll pop on the metallic paper.

So, I hung around the gallery for a bit…….and a bit longer……and walked down Whiskey Row and back……  You know, watched pot never boils.

Sure enough, just as I was about to pull into Point of Rocks Ian called me and asked, “How far away from the gallery are you?”

You know the UPS guy was waiting around the corner until I left.  You just know it!

So, at some point tomorrow I’ll run into the gallery for a few, profile the paper with the HP Z3100, and run a test print or two.  Oh yeah, I’m off tomorrow too, Ian and I traded days.  But I’ll still go in.  Gotta do a big metallic print for grins and giggles.  🙂

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