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quartzstream-1Two years ago I pulled into Quartzite Arizona mid-day.  I’d left Tucson to go see Borrego Springs on the advice of some new friends.

Not long after my arrival a “real” dust storm came blowing in.  Never experienced a dust storm before.  The sun was blotted out, the wind was blasting, and I wondered if my truck and trailer would have the sand blasted look the next day.

My Borrego trip was a real turning point after a hard couple of years.  First place I truly enjoyed and felt relaxed.  It was also the last place I visited before finding Prescott.

Tonight I find myself sitting in the same exact spot I camped two years ago in Quartzite.  And the same spot I camped last year.  Hey, why not?

So, here I am again.  Sitting near the highway, listening to the tractor trailer traffic in the distance, and getting ready for another advenutre around Borrego Springs.  Here’s hoping I return “filled up” once more, with new stories, new images, and some new excitement.  I’m willing to bet I’ll find all of what I need there again, and more!

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  1. Hey you! I can’t believe you’re in the same spot again 😉 There’s nothing like a good ritual, eh?

    I hope that you have a wonderful and safe trip…Sitting here at home getting ready to start my day and just wishing I could be there with you as well. I have to check into that cloning thing (or maybe teleportation?)

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