The wrap up from Cattail Cove

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Tomorrow morning the Airstream will be hitched up once more and moving again.  A few pieces of business to take care of and packaging up the tax information for the account to mull over.  Ah, the fun mundane stuff eh?

The stop at Cattail Cove was needed.  It’s a great park, the prices aren’t too bad, and the RV’s aren’t crammed in like sardines.  In another week we’ll be out dry camping in the desert again and waiting for responses from a few more parks we’ve contacted.  Keep your fingers crossed!

This morning I was up way too early once more.  I eagerly awaited sunrise as I wanted to get out at first light and fly the ASD once more over the water to watch the bass boats heading out.  I did get my wish, many bass boats showed.  And I did get to film them offloading and heading out.  Very cool.

Once I get settled again for a few days I’ll be going through the photography of the past week.  Just too many things to do, and the photo selection has been put to the back burner.  It will get worked on this week to be sure.

Well, that’s the wrap.  If you’d like, enjoy this little video I just finished up on Cattail Cove.

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