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Finally, after years of living here I paid a visit to Sycamore Point.  The timing couldn’t have been better either.  It seemed like the weather worked with me the whole day!

Not an HDR. I've got a few, but this non-HDR hit home with me for what I wanted to portray. Amazing storm!

For quite a while I’ve been meaning to get up to Sycamore Point.  Months ago I was in the area, but got distracted exploring all the little lakes and parks outside of Williams, AZ.  I also got distracted by all things Route 66 which is very normal for me.

Since visiting the area the point has been nagging at me.  Finally I decided this week that I would go on Sunday.  Rain or shine.  And go figure, I got both.

Driving to Williams the skies were getting dark.  Of course, there were breaks in the clouds.  My first goal?  Get to the local cafe for some Chocolate Chocolate Chip vegan cookies made by Alternative Baking Company.  Unfortunately I didn’t realize the cafe closes at 1 every day.  I was an hour and a half late.  So, my own personal cloud of no chocolate satisfaction…..

With no cookies in the Titan we proceeded onward (valiantly keeping a stiff upper lip about the cookies).  Soon we hit the dirt road that would take the Titan past so many cool boondocking campsites, one really sweet Forest Service campground, a dam, and finally the point.  Rolling along the dirt roads we went in and out of sunlight.  Closing in on the point?  Yeah, a major downpour.  But here and there breaks in the clouds could be seen.  Worst case scenario?  Get to the point and wait it out.

Arriving at Sycamore Point we bumped into another pair of people enjoying the view.  They were just wrapping up, and the driver said, “We’ve been sitting here over an hour waiting for it to break, and it just did.”


In all seriousness, we only had about 20 minutes before the next black clouds rolled in and took all the light away.  But 20 minutes was enough to capture a few really cool moments in Sycamore Canyon.

Glad to say I’ve finally visited.  Next trip?  Yeah, I’ll be bringing a tent and doing some hikes out near Paradise Forks, and near the Point as well!



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