This is why information sharing is great! Ken Doo’s artist announcement

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Several months ago I met Ken Doo via blogging.  I did a quick review of Breathing Color’s new Lyve Canvas (which I have stockpiled at the gallery now).  At the same time, Ken did a review of the canvas on his print equipment.

Out of curiosity I did a search on who has reviewed Lyve, and I found Ken.  Popped a comment on his post, he popped a comment on mine… know, the standard blog use today.

Well, since Ken and I met via the blogosphere I’ve been keeping up with his site and he’s been keeping up with mine.  We have similar businesses too, as we both do reproduction work for other artists, and we do our own work as well.  The difference?  He’s in CA and I’m in AZ.

Popping on to Ken’s blog recently I found a great post regarding an artist Ken’s printing for.  It was an announcement regarding Emmy Ledbetter’s latest giclee’s.  Talk about great promotion for the artist, for Ken, and for the process Ken uses.  Why didn’t I think of that?  Well, I didn’t think of it, Ken did.  But going forward, if the artist is interested, I will be doing a similar announcement.

For instance Allison Smith, a very regular customer, just dropped off her newest piece that’s already been pre-ordered by 4 people.  Wow, 4 reproductions right out of the box?  Good for her!

I’ll be doing a full announcement once I’ve finished the process of color matching, proofing, and then printing her 4 canvases this week.  And I’ll tell you more about her studio / gallery at that time.

Ken, big thanks for an amazing idea!  Glad we met the other month, and glad we both enjoy Breathing Color’s products.  If you’re ever out this way, stop on by!

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