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I got a note from my friend Bill (of Airstreaming Fame) regarding me, where I go, what I shoot, and what that implies.  He sent the e-mail after yesterday’s post regarding the fact that my cameras sometimes get “put through it” when it comes to the places I visit.  Bill said,

Rich– Your comment in your last post, “Clearly the 5D is going to have a hard life with me.  Hiking, scrambling on rocks, and living in a super dusty state.”, reminded me of the photo I took of you and your muddied Titan when we went to see the pictographs in Smuggler Canyon, near Ghost Mountain, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

That was a fun day!

(Feel free to post my photo, should you wish).

Thanks Bill.  I do get into dirty dusty places.  Things do get knocked around.  Smacked my 40D on a rock wall in The Promised Land last year while hiking and shooting.  I fall down regularly, as does any other hiker, and I go driving through some strange stuff that scratches my truck up something fierce.  I also buy equipment that I know can handle it, and that will keep working years later.

Heck, my little Canon Digital Elph that was used on the Appalachian Trail (read snow, sleet, rain, freezing rain, dog sleeping on it) was still shooting last year.  Phyllis, Rose, any updates on that camera?

Thanks for reminding me Bill, I go off into places not everyone else does, I get gear that works well under extreme conditions, and I won’t feel too bad about roughing stuff up.  When I get home it all gets cleaned and treated like the new equipment it should be treated like, even years down the road.

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