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Tis the season…….mmmm hmmmm

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Ah yes.  It is the holiday season.  And that has special meaning for me each year.

See, I get to be thought of as a jerk by some customers……

Over the past 3 years I’ve learned a lot about owning a small boutique print shop.  And several of my own personal rules for how I operate my business have come out of the holiday season.  This year I’ve got it down to a system, and some folks don’t like it.  Not one bit.

Today I received a call about getting an image on canvas in time for Christmas.  Can do.  I still have some open slots, but they are filling fast.  I suggested Thursday to the potential customer, and that didn’t work for him at all.  He needed to bring it in today and I could print it at my discretion.  While that’s cool, I always want customers to check out a proof with me first.  See, when customers don’t proof an image and you go ahead and run a canvas…… well, 9 times out of 10 they’re not happy with the end result.  And often they don’t want to pay.  That leaves you stuck with a wasted canvas.

So, I do appointments year round.  Not just the holidays you know.  Just how I operate now.  It helps customers get my full attention, and it helps streamline my workflow.  Currently I’m working on 6 painting reproductions, 3 black and white restorations, and 2 very odd oval setups that don’t fit the frames that the folks want to put the pieces in.  So, a little busy today.

The end result of the potential client call?  I explained twice that I had open time Thursday so we could get it right.  The customer?  “Well, thanks for taking your valuable time to talk to me…..CLICK!”

The holidays are here.  Whew!

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