To Edit or Not To Edit – Sometimes Photoshop Stays Off!

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Now I’ve truly gotten into toying with Photoshop and other programs used to enhance or manipulate photography.  Everybody knows, I don’t see anything wrong with edits.  But sometimes editing can be a bridge too far.

My friend and fellow photographer Ron Evans was recently posed a question regarding one of his pictures.  It’s a fantastic image of the Grand Canyon.  You’ve got to see it in person in order to appreciate the scope of the image.

Well, a client walked into his gallery the other week and said, “I really like that image…..but could you put a rainbow in it?”

Uh, a rainbow?  Really?

Ron popped over and asked me what I thought.  I told him it was possible, but wasn’t sure we really wanted to do that to the image.  We decided to let me check it out……

The image was gorgeous.  Wish I’d taken the photo.  Ron is good.  The cloud cover, the lighting, etc, did not lend itself to dubbing a rainbow across the scene.  Further, to really make it work with the light and shadows we’d have to put a whole different sky in, change the shadows on the ground, etc, etc, etc.

Bottom line, it would be a super fake image when we were done.  Ron and I looked at it together and agreed, the image stands on its own merits!

Oh, plus Ron has a great shot of the Granite Dells with a huge rainbow that’s real…….

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