Topaz Remask….I totally forgot I had it!

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As regular readers know, I use Topaz Labs suite of tools. Sometimes I launch the filters from Photoshop, sometimes from Lightroom. They’ve got some great Photoshop plugins, and I don’t use all of them too often.

For instance, Topaz Remask. I totally forgot I had it!  And Josh Gosell reminded me this morning with his question on my recent composite image of Lorin playing his guitar in Bagdad, Arizona.  Josh wondered if I’d used Topaz Remask.

I’m embarrassed to say, I didn’t.  Totally slipped my mind that I had it.  Bottom line, I don’t do a ton of masking.  And sometimes when I do I use the quick selection tool, or the magic wand tool.  You know, there are so many ways to mask things in Photoshop.  I can think of 4 right off the top of my head.

Remember the Extract Tool?  Yeah, I love that one!  And you know what, Remask reminds me of the Extract tool.

After Josh’s question I decided to take a crack at the same image of Lorin with Remask.  I spent about 2 minutes and achieved the following selection…..

I still have a few edges to clean up here and there, but you know what?  ReMask completely Rocks!  I should have experimented more with it earlier.  Ah, too many tools in the tool box sometimes!

Just for fun I decided to take one of my shots of Anthony as well and see how good a 2 minute Remask session would be.  And here you go…….

Not bad for a really fast mask, don’t you think?  And folks who know me well know, I don’t spend a ton of time editing.  If I’ve got to work on edits beyond 10 minutes then it just isn’t going to be.  Of course, if you start getting into fun digital art you will spend more time to be sure.  Thinking about composite images I now realize I’ve got a great tool that I forgot I had.

So, in answer to your question Josh, ReMask is totally worth it.  If you’re seriously considering getting one or two items from Topaz, go for it and get the whole suite.  You won’t be disappointed!

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