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Blair Valley

Ever just want to totally fake a scene?  I’ve never been big into the concept, but I had this idea today.  It’s a long way from complete, but thought I’d share the first 10 minutes worth of work.

Last night was exhausting.  And today I stopped into the gallery for a few mintues to do some printing for Ian.  I’ve got a list of watercolor reproductions to complete next week.  Last week got consumed by the show prep….  ah well.

This afternoon once my printing was finished I walked around downtown Prescott for a while.  One local business was doing a “pin striping” demo, and there were some pretty cool cars there.  Of course I photographed them and then toyed with the final images.  One HDR that stood out was the car you see in my faked image above.

That’s the real HDR of the car.  And it was a pretty hip little hot rod to be sure.  After looking at it for a while I decided that the car needed to be somewhere cooler than Montezuma, and I figured I’d drop it into Blair Valley.

The background for this image is of course from the Borrego trip.

They don’t blend well…..yet.  But I think the images match (in my mind) and I’ll work on getting them to really go together this week.  Maybe if I get what I’m looking for I’ll share it here!

So, what’s your best “faked” scene?

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  1. Looks pretty good. Maybe if you could put a road under it instead of the grass. Also the left front shadow with the tire makes it look a bit odd there.

  2. Rich, Sorry we could not make the Hometown Show. How did it go? Do you have a few photos you could share of the gallery so we can be a part of it all in a small way.

    I think the fake photo is crazy art! It’s unbelievable what can be done with a camera and a computer today!

  3. Love it!!! My jaw hit the ground when I saw the shot.

    We will be camping at our favorite site near Blaire Valley this week. I am ready to escape the pollen in San Diego.


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