Toying with masking….again

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Yesterday I started thinking about the rest of the Sweet Nasty band members and where I could put them.  The fun edit of Lorin got the fuel going for doing some “edits.”  And this morning in between clients I’ve been playing with options.

Now, these are nowhere near done, and they’re not for anything beyond my own grins and giggles.  If you can’t tell, I’m sticking with their theme of Life on Fire.  🙂

The blending on each still needs work.  Each guy does look out of place.  Disregard the overdone sky, still toying with the sky in order to achieve the Life on Fire concept.  But looking at the people and the scene, the guys need to be matched into the scene a little better.

Fortunately, now that I’ve masked each individual I can move them from scene to scene with ease.  All three were done with Topaz Remask.  The more I play with that tool, the more I like it!

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