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The Old Paria Movie Set

The Old Paria Movie Set

Well, the real world always calls you back, doesn’t it?  This week is going to be a dull week from the standpoint of travel posts.  We relocated over the weekend in order to meet with a potential client.  If all goes well the Airstream will be stationary for a few weeks with few forays into the wilderness.  Clients come first.  And since I’m signing one tomorrow, and hopefully another on Wednesday, our attention will be turned to working with our clients.

One of the reasons we are trying to do some crowdfunding is exactly what I was worried about initially.  If we really want to focus on bringing a guidebook to market for campers, travelers, and RV’ers who want to know more about the National Monuments of the Southwest, stopping for client work every few weeks takes away from that focus.  See, we really aren’t trying to fund a vacation or something here.  We very much want to create a guide (now a series of guides) to these amazing places that get overlooked so often.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m always thrilled to work with new clients.  And this year we’ve walked away from each job with very happy customers, who are still happy to this date.  And I was really blown away last week with a contact asking if we’d travel to a new client’s location to work with them on updating their web presence and help them reach new markets.  That’s great.  But when I set about doing a job, well it becomes all consuming.  And that means setting the National Monument work to the side for a little while.

I hate putting unfinished things to the side!

So, if you see “light posting” here for a little while, understand it’s work and it has to be done.  And if you’d like to see us fixate on The National Monuments of Arizona, well help get the word out!  We’ve reset the project on IndieGoGo, set a lower amount required (1 state instead of 4), and if we can get the funding for November 1st we’ll be wrapped up with the 2 new clients and ready to dive into 18 National Monuments by January!

Oh, and when we wrap up with our new net clients I’ll be posting some links here, as each project is very cool, and very unique to be sure!

Finally, for subscribers to our newly launched site Living In Tin, good news.  A new featured article should be posting next week.  It’s a long read to be sure, which is why I want to review it once more before it goes live.  Set aside about 18 minutes to read it, and to start planning for your next travel adventure!


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