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TV on the road – What’s up with “reality” TV?

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Since 2006 I really haven’t watched much in the way of “commercial television.”  No satellite hookup for the Airstream, no cable hookups where I’ve stayed.  And even when I was contracting in WV for almost a year I just didn’t do a standard cable package.

Instead I’ve used Netflix and Hulu over the past few years if I want to see new shows.  Netflix is actually the primary one I use, and I might just drop Hulu soon.

Yes, I’ve missed out on a lot when it comes to TV.  I’ve missed the Amish Mafia, Moonshiners, Honey Boo Boo……oh wait, that’s not missing out at all!

Seriously, I’m glad to have missed out on all the “reality” being pumped through TV shows today.  With Netflix I can find shows that appeal to me, and I’m not forced to get the rest of the junk.  So for the Airstream I think I’ll just stick with what I’ve got.  Satellite is not in my future!


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