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Vacation Week – Sept 10th – 18th

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Everybody needs a real true getaway now and again.  Ian’s been to Lake Powell a few times this year, friends have hung out on the North Rim, others have disappeared hiking the Grand Canyon……..and I’m needing a real getaway week.

So, I broke out the calendar and threw a dart…..not really.  The calendar is on my IPhone and I don’t want to throw darts at that.

For weeks now I’ve been wanting a quick getaway, but I just can’t manage it.  Every time I pick Friday – Sunday something comes up.  A client calls and wants an appointment.  I schedule a shoot.  You get the idea.  So I decided to make myself commit to a week away by putting it on the IPhone calendar.  Now it will pop up on all my other calendars.  So there you have it.  I have now blocked out time and when someone calls and asks about any of those days I can say I’m booked.

Now, where to go?  Monument Valley, North Rim, Vermillion Cliffs, New Mexico, Colorado?  Guess I’ll have to throw another pretend dart at a Google Map……..


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