Waiting for the mail

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The return trip to Prescott was necessary to wrap up a few little items.  Taxes, health care stuff, getting mail…..

And now we’ll be waiting here into next week thanks to a few little orders placed online.  Oh Amazon, B&H, and MagCloud, you’ve slowed me down.

That’s all okay though.  You’ve got to get the life stuff done before setting off again.  I can’t count the number of RV Park contacts that have been sent out in the past 5 days.  Can’t wait to get a few more parks to see the light.  I want to do a few more park tours and web rehabs.

This weekend we’ll be headed down to Phoenix to meet with a potential client.  If things work out I have a funny feeling the Airstream will be somewhere around Phoenix for most of March.  And hey, that’s really cool.  I’ve only passed through Phoenix, never stayed long.  Getting to know the area might be fun.  Of course, there are several Mac stores in the area too.

Oh Christmas is too far away and I have a request

Today I was a little under the weather.  Another food incident, leaving me with some downtime as I got through the allergic reaction.  And while I was down I played around on the IPad and visited Airstreamclassifieds.com

Now I love my 25′ Safari.  In April I’ll have owned it for 10 years.  And I have full timed for 6 years in it.  It’s a great rig…..but I’ve always wanted a little more space.  While looking through the classifieds I came across a rig that cried out to me.  A 2004 (same year as mine) 28′ CCD.  A real queen bed in the back!  Woah!

The worst thing about this particular unit is the bed in the back corner.  I have always wanted a real bed in here, but the layout just doesn’t work with it.  The shower in the 28′ is also bigger, and that would be a plus as well.

Of course, now I’m dreaming of a larger Airstream with a queen bed.  Maybe if the next few months are productive it could be in my future.  Or maybe if an anonymous donor…….  Heh, like that will happen.  🙂

It’s fun to dream.

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