Want to see a few full screen lizard photos?

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As we continue working on the “Living In Tin” website concept I continue toying with the site layout, subscription functionality, and how to best utilize the site.  So today after following a collared lizard around the campground I selected a few really fun photos to put up full screen on the new site.

Noted the other day, but still worth repeating, don’t sign up over at Livingintin.com yet.  We’re still working out pricing, articles, etc.  Tonight’s post will be one of the free articles.  It’s a quickie that is more about the photography.  The full length posts will be the premium ones.  And with only a few items up today we’re not quite ready yet.

For everyone who has already contacted me about the new site and new concept, thanks for getting in touch and for you input on the site.  For anyone else passing through, take a look and let me know what you think!

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