Welcome to the Chill!

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My mind keeps wandering back to those permanently sunny days in Borrego!

My mind keeps wandering back to those permanently sunny days in Borrego!

The colder weather has come earlier this year.  Over the years of living in Prescott I can say this is the coldest November I’ve ever experienced here.  Fortunately we’ll be headed out soon and for a few weeks we’ll be searching for warmer areas.  Of course, looking at the weather maps on my iPhone I’m finding there aren’t too many super warm spots to go!

This past January I posted an article on Winter Camping in the Airstream.  I think it’s worth a re-read because there is a very simple concept about over wintering in the Airstream…..go somewhere warmer!  This morning that article was in my mind…..It’s a portable home, move it somewhere warmer.  The cold radiating off of the floor wakes me up in an instant in the mornings, and I’d like the floors to be a little warmer!  😉

Since we’re paid through the end of the month it doesn’t make sense to head on out quite yet.  Thanksgiving is upon us, and we’ll be off dining with friends on Thursday.  So yes, the chill can be endured a few more days.  🙂  But after that?  Yeah, time to think warm thoughts.

Now, where should the Airstream get pointed?  I’m thinking a few National Monuments to the south of us.  Maybe even a foray into New Mexico.  While Borrego, and the warmth associated with Borrego, has been on my mind, we’ve spent enough time there for 2014 (January and February saw visits there).

If anyone has suggestions as to places they’d like to see us visit, and then write up over at LivingInTin.com, let us know.  Personally I’m game for most anything, so long as it gets us out of the chill that has covered even the southwest!  If it gets any colder I wouldn’t be surprised to see snow in the area!  And given the fact that I’m now spoiled by warmer temperatures, snow is the last thing I want to be thinking about!


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  1. The North-Aire website is just lovely. That is a very pretty airplane in the hangar. We’re in Tucson, it’s 82 at 2:36 in the afternoon. Move south young man! And happy Thanksgiving.

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