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Yesterday Prescott experienced some pretty strong winds, a temperature drop, spitting snow, etc.  April 15th was a cold and blustry day to be certain!

It was also tax day.  Cold and blustry seems fitting.

rubbermaid-1Over the weekend I did something monumental.  We all know that I’m a book addict.  Worse, we all know that I don’t want to store my books off site.  I might need a book as a reference at any given moment.  It does happen.  Just the other week I had to fish out my Mac OSX bible.  That’s not the actual title, but it’s a huge reference and it sure is useful when I need it!

So this weekend I picked up a little RubberMaid outdoor storage shed.  Well, it’s not a shed, but it’s shed like.  My containers of books, climbing gear, bicycles, and other random junk all fit in it neatly.  Not to worry, the books are in containers as well.  I figure several layers of protection should be enough even during monsoons.

Now that I’m freeing up space in the Airstream I can feel comfortable about my next book purchases!  Storage issues solved…..for the moment!

Been a while since you’ve seen the Airstream site, right?  Well, what’s going on here?  The Rubbermaid, the Airstream, a cloudy sky, Pink Flamingos, and ZipDee chairs.  Oh, and my shade tree……

Beyond storage solutions things at the Airstream are going well.  Wind storms come and go, the major snow is beyond us, and the Airstream keeps doing what I need it to do.  Act as a shelter, home, and portable photo lab.  Can’t wait for the next trip with it.  Of course, I don’t know when the next trip is coming, but when it does the Airstream will be ready.  And it won’t be full of books!  🙂

What about the gallery?  Ah, keeping busy there.  Working up a new website for the gallery in order to cover all the artists we host.  Not a small project, but the final result will be worthwhile.

Yesterday saw the sale of a 32″ x 48″ “Everybody’s Hometown.”  I never imagined that the image I shot July 29th at 6 in the morning last year would become such a popular piece!  My favorite shot from that morning is a totally different scene, and it is always bypassed when folks see the Hometown print.  You just never know what’s going to strike a chord with folks!  Guess I’ll have to print another big gallery wrap this week…….

There’s the update for the morning.  Things are pretty quiet here.  Once the weather settles down and the pollen goes away I’m thinking of many, many hikes!

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  1. I know what you mean about a cold snap. Kinda. It’s a blustery 66 degrees here now. I had a interesting conversation with a family member a few weeks ago about books. She was thinking about buying a Kindle. It is basically a “electronic book” – neat idea; but there is something about being able to open a book. I guess I’m becoming “old school”… or just old.

  2. Would love to see an “FAQ” of sorts about your Airstream setup. A nice “technical specs” run down of the cool tips/tricks you’ve acquired over the years. I am new to the trailer life and having fun learning as I go, always looking to those more experienced for tips!

    Love the BLOG and the pictures, keep up the good work!

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