What’s new at the Airstream Chronicles Continued?

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Well, plenty is new.  This Airstream blog / life blog / mental therapy blog / random blog has been going on a while now.  And over time new things happen.  Like being back on the road, that’s new.

Lots of other new stuff has happened over the years.  The WV / OH contract was new for a time, not being there now is newer and better.  But other new stuff has gone on as well.


The Pelican cooler is super new.  It is also the new landing pad for the DJI Phantom that I’ve been working with the past few weeks.  OffAirportGear.com is also new and has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with a client of mine who is totally involved with the Pelican case.

While working in WV / OH, I met a friend and client who is a pilot.  And Evan’s thing is flying “off airport.”  There are whole clubs built around these cool bush planes that fly in and out of impossible locations.  They are “Off Airport.”  And Evan asked me months ago to start helping him with a new site for his new product line targeted at pilots who have the off airport lifestyle.

After getting the DJI Phantom I felt I was now a member of their club.  I don’t take off from or land at airports.  I’ve been flying over the desert and landing on cool Pelican coolers.  And crashing into Pelican coolers on windy days.  But yeah, I digress, I’m totally a member of their club now even if it’s only a drone (only the drone…ly……ugh).

Anyhow, the Pelican Cooler was part of my bill to Evan when I helped structure his website.  See, he has one too.  And while working in WV I saw his cooler in the back of his truck on a hot summer day.  And I asked him, “What the hell is that?”  See, I’m a Pelican Case nut, and most of my photo gear is in Pelican Cases.  Evan explained it was a Pelican cooler…..and my mind went into space!  Pelican makes coolers?

So, for months I found this angle and that angle to try and get Evan to give me his Pelican cooler.  I couldn’t justify the expenditure, I just wanted it because it matched my other cases and clearly rocked.  Finally, Evan came to me one day for website help and I named my price.  Part of the payment would be a Pelican cooler.  Yeah, I know, I’m a little off when it comes to that stuff.

For all of you reading along, OffAirportGear.com is not officially live yet.  Evan is still back filling inventory and creating new inventory as well.  So, don’t sign up yet or start ordering.  He’ll kill me for swamping him before he’s ready.  But do check out the site, it’s still in development.  He’s finishing the site, I taught him how to fish (and give away coolers).  And he has a day job.  Somehow I think he’ll be busy soon with his new product line.

I don’t have multiple personality syndrome

Finally, I know as you read here often lately you find it weird that I say “we” & “us.”  Has Rich developed an imaginary friend?  Is he going down a bad path?  Has he finally gone barking mad (jury is out)?

Nope.  I’m not alone on this trip.  Jodi is here too (not imaginary, no relation to Snuffleupagus).  Great photographer, lighting assistant, and she’s cute. For privacy reasons (hello internet stalkers I’ve accumulated over the years) not everything new is said on the blog, and hey it’s pretty darned open.  But yes, I’m not alone on the road.

So there you go.  No multiple personality syndrome here…..well, at least not often.  🙂


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