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When it rains……

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Fake it!

Bet you thought I’d say it pours.  Yeah, gotcha!

Yesterday I had planned a quick portrait session for a great couple here in Prescott.  Unfortunately I woke up to dark skies, puddles everywhere, and a generally yucky morning.  Well, I shouldn’t say yucky!  I do love the monsoons!

Since we’d planned to do our shoot at Sharlott Hall Museum I figured we were toast.  I made a call to my clients and they said they’d still like to do the shoot in the studio.  Alrighty then!  Works for me.  But the studio is a studio.  It’s not like being outside at a lovely location.

Well, after our shoot I did a little pre-editing with a print in mind.  This morning I headed over to the museum, took a few photos, and well…….

I’ve got to fine tune a bit.  Went over the top with OnOne’s Focal Point.  The background is too far out of focus.  Maybe about half as much and I’ll really like this one.

Hey, rainy days should get you down.  Do a studio shoot, and then put your clients where you intended them later!  🙂

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