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Where good Airstream coffee comes from…..

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The Silver Bean, located in Cortez Colorado. It’s a must visit!

Right down the road from La Mesa RV Park is an incredibly unique little business.  The Silver Bean.

If you’re a hardcore Airstream fan like I am, you love seeing Airstreams everywhere you go.  In the case of the Silver Bean, we’re talking about a 1969 Airstream that’s been converted into a very cool coffee shop!

Entering the bean is pretty cool.  A little counter with two stools, and a little couch in the front for when you want to kick back.  Great greeting too!  The mid-section to the back of the Bean is the work area, and the back window?  Yeah, that’s for drive through customers.  No kidding, they’ve got a drive through.

Behind the main Silver Bean is a smaller vintage Airstream.  It’s used for events at other locations.  Basically, it’s a baby bean.  So cute!

I’m now back at the Airstream with a hot decaf writing this post.  Back in 2006 I visited the Bean, and I’m really happy to say they’re still in business today!  If you’re passing through Cortez or visiting for a while make sure to stop in and say hi.


I so wish the Neon was on this morning!

P.S.  I would have put a link to the Silver Bean’s website….but unfortunately I could find no website for them.  Bummer.  Looks like they might need someone to help them out with that.  🙂


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