Winding down in Georgia

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With everything just about finished at Hiker Hostel I’m starting to mentally wind down.  It’s been an extremely busy week!  And that’s a good thing.  Busy is good.  But I’m feeling like I need a rest now.  You know, a nap day.

We’ll be pulling out on Wednesday for sure.  Tennessee first, then onward toward Colorado again.  I have some prep ideas for when our Kickstarter gets funded.

I’m a hopeful guy.  We’re only at 5% of the goal so far, but I still think we can do it, and we absolutely should do it.  Watch for some major updates on September 1st!

Out of steam here tonight, so this is a super short post.  We’ve just been working the whole time and I doubt folks want the ins and outs of that.  Today’s photo is from the lower floor of the Hiker Hostel.  Great place, and if you’re ever passing through Dahlonega you should stay!

  • Date:  8/18/14
  • Camped at:  Turner’s Campsites
  • Fee:  $31.50 per night
  • Month total Camping:  $638
  • Average Nightly Cost:  $35.44
  • Mileage:  0

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  1. I’d love to see today’s photo of the main floor of the Hiker Hostel. But I can’t find it!

    Did you hide it from us?

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