Winter’s last hoorah….?

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I can’t believe how many days I’ve neglected the blog.  Things have been busy, then snowy, and busy again.  In the office today getting caught up with myself, and I’ll be up in Williams again tomorrow.

The big news from the weekend?  Winter showed up one more time (we hope) with strong winds, freezing temps, and finally a sizable 2 day snow storm.  I almost felt like I was back in New Hampshire.

Yesterday when the storm cleared I headed out to the Dells again to see what I could see.  What I found was a lovely scene.  Granite covered in snow.  A family sledding at Watson Lake Park.  Other photographers out with their cameras and tripods capturing the scene.  Just a beautiful day!

In the interest of keeping folks up with last week’s post about GOYA I have to say I’ve been doing well getting off my arse!  Two weeks in a row now I’ve gotten out to make sure that I’m shooting something other than just paintings and portraits.  And amazingly enough it’s inspired my creative juices again.  I’ve got a project in mind that will come together in the next few weeks (finances cooperating of course).  So hopefully we’ll see something new and fresh here on the blog soon.


The snow is already melting away.  If you didn’t get out shooting Sunday or yesterday you’ve missed the best!

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