Worldwide Photo Walk 2010 – Prescott Arizona

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This year’s sign up for Prescott’s Worldwide Photo Walk is available for folks.  I’d been checking and checking, and the page hasn’t been available.  But the other day I spoke with Carlos B (this year’s walk leader) and he told me the page is now up and people can sign up!

I won’t be in Prescott for this particular walk.  Instead I’ll be participating up in Flagstaff.  Change of scenery and all, you know.  I’ve been photographing all over this town for years, and I thought it would be a fun change of pace to participate as one of the walkers and not one of the leaders.  🙂  Different perspective and all.

Since the Prescott Walk page has only recently come up, I wanted to let everyone know here, as I know several folks who follow along and have been waiting to hear if there was a walk in town this year.

Once again, you can sign up for the Prescott Walk by following this link!

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