100 Years of Statehood – Arizona’s Centennial is right around the corner

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The other night I attended a meeting regarding the upcoming “Arizona Best Fest” that will be taking place in Prescott in a few short weeks.  I didn’t know too much about it to be honest.  Many of the attendees didn’t know too much about it either.  While I’m always up to date on the big news of the day, I rarely read the local news for various reasons…..

If you’re like me and miss out on the local Prescott news, here’s the deal.  September Prescott will be hosting the AZ Best Fest.  It’s a celebration of Arizona’s Centennial.  There’s going to be a lot going on.  A good part of the downtown area will be blocked off from traffic, and our streets will be turned into a pedestrian only zone for 3 days. Parking areas outside of the downtown will be designated and attendees can be shuttled in to the event.  Check out the AZ Best Fest website for more information.

Since Prescott was the original territorial capital of Arizona we’re first on the list of 3 cities that will be hosting this celebration.  Prescott, Tucson, and finally Phoenix.  We’ve got September, Tucson has November, and Phoenix has February for the actual Centennial date.  Our event will be taking place September 16, 17, & 18th.  If you want to attend I’d say start making plans sooner rather than later.  It should be interesting with all the activities we were briefed on the other night.  Cultural villages, games, wine tasting, beer gardens, Western shoot outs……  Yup, a busy weekend.

Since I’m ill informed on local happenings I didn’t give myself the opportunity to show my prints and canvases on the square.  I think this would have been an interesting event for a booth for my photography.  Ah well, maybe in another 100 years.  🙂  To make up for missing out on showing on the square I decided to something else special.  I’m making a few select fine art posters for the event.  You know, a couple of the favorite “Prescott” images that hit home with folks.  Each poster will be 16×20″, printed on Breathing Color’s Vibrance Matt (a very interesting paper that I recently started using), and each poster will be signed and numbered.  I’m only going to do 50 of each of the posters, so once #50 is reached on each it’s over.  This morning I laid out the first poster from the Courthouse Plaza, and it’s included below.  For those of you who won’t be attending, the posters will be available online as well.  And this one below is the first offering.

There won't be a black border around the actual poster. That's just so you can see the dimensions. 🙂

If you’d like to order the first poster in the series, easy enough.  Below is a PayPal button where you can make your purchase.  The poster is $25 plus $7.50 shipping and handling.  The posters will be shipped rolled in a tube.  If you’re local, stop on by the gallery to save on S&H.  All the posters will be Artist Printed of course, and signed and numbered by me.  A fun way to celebrate 100 years of statehood here in AZ!



  The Courthouse Plaza 16×20 Fine Art Poster.
The other poster prints will be announced this coming week.  Stop by to see the other ones I’ll be offering.  🙂

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