2 minute edits…..Sometimes good, sometimes missing the mark

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Playing around with Lastolite’s HiLite the past few days has been fun.  Just quick little shots here and there.  No major setup, no long shooting.  10 minutes at best.

With the uniform white background you’re left a lot of room for changing the background at will, and easily.  This morning I played a little.  I gave myself 2 minutes per edit max.  Well, one of the edits was from yesterday, so let’s look at that first…….

So, there’s the original shot of Mags.  No edits whatsoever, right out of the camera.

I decided to give Mags an update to her hair color, and I also thought a new shirt color would be good.  2 Hue/Saturation adjustment layers with hair selected or top selected.  Then I randomly added a text layer because all of these white background shots make my brain think, “Hi, I’m a Mac………”


Once again, as shot, no edits.  Mags jacket and necklace have a theme.  My thinking?  Don’t mess with Mags……


Okay, I wanted to put her on stage.  So, created a background layer with a quick filter on a pinkish / redish background.  Popped her image into OnOne’s Masking tool and went to town.  Clearly I missed some of the white highlights in her hair.  Had I spent a little more time I could blend this much better.  🙂

A little over exposed.  Whoops.  What was I thinking this morning?  I don’t know.

I could have done better.  Clearly I need more than 2 minutes.  🙂

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