30 Days – #18

Richard Charpentier 30 Days in the Dells Leave a Comment

Ok, three days worth of photos from Willow Lake.  And yes, most are taken from the same area.  Why would you take so many pictures from the same area?

It’s a cool spot?  Sounds like a good answer, doesn’t it?

Both Willow Lake and Watson Lake are artificial constructs, created years ago, and amazingly enough, they fit!  Really, a sea of rock with two lakes sitting at the edge of the granite?  Just a cool place.  The lakes really add something to the area in my mind!

The lakes also offer a home to many types of water fowl.  I’ve seen herons, osprey, ducks, geese, and more.  The area offers a lot to wildlife.  And it offers a great deal to hikers, cyclists, and even photographers.  😉  Maybe that’s part of why I like it here so much.

You know, I arrived here more than a year ago.  The Granite Dells sucked me in, Prescott became my home, and here I remain.  This is definitely the place I’ll return at the end of a trip, and it is home.

Guess that’s why I wanted to do the 30 days series….to share with everyone how much there is here, even if it’s in a small amount of space.  😉

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