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Last week I rounded up a new 16GB IPod touch.  My video IPod met with an incident in the Versa that left me a little deflated.  Out of it’s case (while using a dock) it took a spill and cracked the screen.  No more usable video for me!

When the first IPod video came out I didn’t think it was a good idea.  A screen that small?  Really?  And you’re going to watch video on it?  Nah…..

I finally gave one a try back in 05′ and I found out it was a great little device.  I loaded up movies and music and happily used all the features of the video.  Remember, 05′ I was stuck going to and from doctors’ offices for the bulk of the year.  And you know how it is at most physician’s offices……45 minutes after your appointed time you’re invited in.

So, the IPod video came along with me on each trip.  I’d watch favorite TV series, cartoons, and movies that I’d loaded onto the IPod.  Audio books would also come along!  The wait time felt like nothing to me then!

Clearly, I became a fan of having video on my IPod!

So, why get the IPod touch to replace my original Video IPod?  It doesn’t store as much by any means.  But it does offer a bigger screen for video.  And that’s what I’ll be using it for mostly.  Additionally it offers other features I really wanted.

See, I really wanted an IPhone…..but not where I live.  3G, the high speed network offered by AT&T isn’t here in Prescott.  Honestly, the AT&T coverage here stinks on ice.  I’ve talked to AT&T customers around here regarding network coverage, and nobody is happy.  Nobody.  Go figure I used to work on a segment of AT&T’s network.  Glad I’m not responsible for the coverage here.  Now Verizon’s coverage is a different story….and I’m glad to have them as my network provider in Prescott!

Since the IPhone is not an option for me (if I want to use all its features that is) I figured the IPod Touch would be the next best option.  And it is!  WiFi enabled, e-mail capable, web browsing, direct downloads from ITunes.  All the features of the IPhone without the phone!  Pretty cool!  No 2 year contract either!

I’ve been experimenting with the touch for a few days now.  I still need to work on typing with it.  That’s been the toughest adjustment.  Beyond that I’m finding the Touch to be a useful device!  Pretty cool too.  While my Macbook Pro is tasked with other items I use the Touch to read e-mail and check web sites!  Sure, no phone features, but I have no complaints!

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  1. Wait…You “rounded up” a new iPod touch? How exactly does one do that? I mean, I would like to “round up” a new iPod touch…

    Maybe I’ll add it to my government bail-out list…I mean, they’re bailing out all the companies, we’ll be next right? 😉

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