30 Days in the Dells – #7

Richard Charpentier 30 Days in the Dells, Arizona, Notes from Rich 1 Comment

The Granite Dells sometimes appear to be a vast formation of rocks.  Photos I present here often look like they stretch on forever as a sea of granite.  That’s not the case.

Instead the Dells are a very short concentrated area of granite.  Beyond the Dells you can find fields, roads, old rail beds, and what I consider open plains.  Not really plains, but they are to me!  😉

Still, viewed from certain vantage points the formations do seem to stretch forever.  The photo to the left here definitely makes you think they go on and on.  I like those points of view.

I think in the next few days I’ll try to work in some more perspective on the Dells.  Maybe a few shots at a distance to show you where they start and end.

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  1. There’s a very different perspective of the Dells when you look at the places where it is covered by the lava flows that make up Glassford Hill.

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