A background found a model

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That’s how it works.  One image seeks out another image.  About time too.  I was getting a little punchy over the idea that I would match folks with places……

Only a few blog posts ago I popped up several backgrounds that I’d created.  The issue?  Finding folks to pop into the scene (yeah, the whole composite thing still).  Once I get an idea in my head….well, watch out!

Nick’s visit to the studio today was perfect timing.  3 shots.  That’s all we did.  I told him to go mean.  Nick isn’t really a mean guy, so he made his effort.  And in the 3 frames?  Something that worked.

Oh, if only someone was in the scene.....


Nick shot on a gray background. No edits yet.


Check out the flash reflection in his glasses. You can totally see the Alien Bee + umbrella. Very cool!


Duplicated layer in Photoshop. Overlay blend mode at 70%


Ah, final product. Photoshop, and a few layers in PhotoTools


There ya have it!  A background found a home.  Only 4 more to go……

Tomorrow, Tsunami!

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    Thanks Jason. I’ve got 4 more backgrounds and I found a model yesterday that will work with one. Only 3 more people to go!

    The model for this next one does haunted house stuff. So we’re gonna “Ghost” it up big time! Walk into the light…….!

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