A bobcat walks into a bar….

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No, this isn’t the start of some cheeseball joke.  Well, it sounds like it could be, but it isn’t.

Apparently folks at a Cottonwood, AZ bar got quite the surprise recently.  A bobcat attack…..inside the bar!

We’ve had a good number of animal attacks lately.  A few fox attacks (rabid), a recent bobcat attack, and now the latest bar bobcat attack!  Seems like rabies is running a little wild in our neck of the woods.  Or maybe it’s standard in the animal population, but they’re just coming into contact more with us.  I don’t know.

I do know I’ll be watching out for animals acting strangly!

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  1. Especially at a campground. Hubby had an incident with racoons the week before last.

    Please be careful, we’d like to keep ya around…

  2. The runner, that had been bitten by the rabid fox in Prescott is now carrying a stick for defense during her runs.

    Please be careful

  3. Post

    Always careful. Mountain lion has been seen around these parts lately by several campers, so I keep watch for that too. Just the other night a skunk was nosing around my grill…..ah, wildlife is very cool! Clearly if I stay out of bars I should be safe! 🙂

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