A busy week, and getting busier by the minute!

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This is one of those hectic weeks.  There’s a lot going on at the shop, and a ton going on this weekend in Prescott.  So what’s happening?

4th Friday Artwalk comes once more!

This week both Marcia Molnar and Don Rantz will be joining us here at the Ian Russell Gallery.  Both Don and Marcia are extremely accomplished artists, and both are also clients of mine.  I’m very excited to see how Friday will play out with two very big names debuting here!

Marcia Molnar's "Oreo"


Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of pastels.  That was until I saw Don Rantz’s work.  His stuff does not make me think of your standard pastel.  His images are painterly, and sometimes nearly photo realistic at a distance.  Don really does something astounding with pastels, and I think if you pay a visit to the gallery you’ll agree…..there’s no wonder this guy has won so many awards!

Phippen Art Show

In addition to 4th Friday, this weekend Prescott will be hosting the Phippen Art show.  This is THE show gang.  If you’re not here this weekend you’re nowhere.  So, better get here (sounds like the rapture or something).

Several of my regular clients will be showing at the Phippen this year.  George Molnar, Don Rantz, & Steve Atkinson will all be on the square showing off originals as well as print reproductions.  Be sure to stop by and say hi to them!

In the office all week

Because of the build up to the Phippen and the summer show season I’ll be here through the weekend and into next week.  I honestly don’t know when I’ll take a day.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Currently I’m running two 8 ft tall pieces.  Then I’ve got 10 sizable satins to do.  I’ve got a few 24×24″ canvases ready for pickup in studio today.  Did one product shoot for an artist who shows at the Arts Prescott Gallery.  And I’ve got a 6 ft tall piece to image tomorrow morning.

Yup, busy, busy.

I’ve also been advising clients of some price changes this week.  Due to inflation, cotton issues (for papers, etc), boosts in my UPS shipping costs for materials (should have seen the last shipment cost for papers) my prices have to go up.  Some of my papers that used to be cheaper than my canvas have now caught up with canvas prices.  That means a price raise.  Otherwise I’m giving product away.  So, if you’re a regular client here’s the deal:

  • Optica One, Vibrance Rag, Elegance, & Metallic are now $.12 per square inch (they were listed for $.08 per square inch).
  • Chromata White Canvas with Veneer is now $.15 per square inch from $.12 per square inch.
  • Canon Satin and Gloss are now $.10 per square inch.

So there you have it gang.  If you believe government inflation numbers (which factor out fuel and such) you’d think this wouldn’t be necessary.  Unfortunately I’m a real economist, and I understand that current prices have me giving finished product away.  Hopefully this adjustment will cover the remainder of the year and we see inflation slow down a bit.  🙂  Even my insurance premiums went up by 37%………eek!

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